Oticon Opn™ and the new ConnectClip Expand Your Easy Wireless Connectivity

Newest Hearing Solutions Improve Listening and Communicating – In the Car or On the Go

Hearing plays a huge role in our overall health and well-being. A growing body of evidence shows the social isolation brought on by untreated hearing loss is a big risk factor for dementia and hearing aids may well help minimize that impact.

There is no doubt that today’s modern hearing aids make it easier for people with hearing loss to live active, fulfilling lives as in the newest hearing aids like Oticon Opn™.  Opn hearing aids not only open a world of sound for people with hearing loss but bring additional benefits, like rechargeable convenience, and the ability to control your hearing aids with an APP on your iPhone.

Add to that the benefits provided by the just introduced ConnectClip. This discreet multipurpose device turns Opn hearing aids into a wireless headset for easy, hands-free calls from modern mobile phones, including iPhone® and Android™ smartphones.  Hands-free calls on the road or on the go have never been easier.  When used with your smartphone, ConnectClip streams sound directly to your Opn hearing aids and ConnectClip’s directional microphones pick up your voice.

ConnectClip also serves double-duty as a remote/partner microphone so users can hear what is being said at a distance from the speaker (up to 65 feet) or in very noisy environments. The speaker simply clips on ConnectClip and sound is streamed directly to both hearing aids. ConnectClip can be a real benefit when you’re trying to hear the speaker in large spaces such as lecture halls and houses of worship or even on the golf course.

To learn more about hearing loss, Oticon Opn and the new ConnectClip, contact Dr. Aretsky’s Ridgewood Hearing Center at 201-447-1090.


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